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An Elkraft home, to live in the future.



Activity Based Lighting

Set the perfect ambience in your living space for activities like reading, relaxing, watching tv etc. with a blink of an eye.


Mood Lighting

Save personalized moods for romantic dinner, a movie, a quiet drink etc. and set the brightness of your dimmable lights.


Highlight Elevation

Give the front & back elevation of your home an amazing look by adjusting the outdoor lights automatically during Sunrise & Sunset.


Blinds & Curtain Control

Open/close the curtains & blinds from comfort of your bed just by the press of a button or program them to open/close automatically at Sunrise & Sunset.


Fan Speed Control

Feeling cold at night and want to slow down the fan, do it by sitting in your bed just by pressing a button on the remote or simply program it to slow down at a particular time of the night.


Scheduled Switching

Schedule your water heater to switch ON before you wake up. Switch the room heater ON/OFF by setting a timer. ACs with Wi-Fi can easily be controlled with our system.


Motion Sensing

Installing motion detectors in Bathrooms, Lobby, Balcony etc. will automatically trigger the lights on detection of human presence. It will help in saving both effort and a significant amount of energy.


Main Gate Control

Open/close the main gate from a remote without stepping out of your Car. The sensors will automatically light up the porch when you enter during the night.

Variety of Interfaces to maximize your Comfort

Touch screens with different sizes & look enhance the interiors of your home, while making the control easy.
Touch screen placed on side of the Bed & Sofa so that you don’t have to get up to switch on the lights or control the fan.
Control entire household from a central screen. Switch off all the lights while leaving the house, at the press of a button.
Control lights & fans from the comfort of your bed or sofa.
Control your lights & other devices from both inside & outside the house.
Use voice commands to perform different tasks or just switch an appliance ON/OFF.

Safety and Security

Elkraft smart system uses various type of detectors to protect your family from emergency situations:
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Gas Leakage Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Elkraft smart security system uses different type of sensors to keep your family secure:
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • Door Open Sensor
  • Camera with Motion Detection Sensor
  • Human Detection Sensor

Planning to leave your home with family for the night, use Elkraft presence simulation mode. The system is designed such that the lights will switch ON/OFF in a random manner to give an impression that somebody is at home.

Choose ELKRAFT for!

Designs that blend with your interior
Customization according to need
Meets industrial safety standards
In house hardware & software design team
Experience of designing industrial electronic systems
Products Made in India, easily repairable

Our Technology

  • Modular System in which each part can be repaired or replaced independently. No need to change the entire system.
  • Industrial Grade System as our electronic components are imported from USA.
  • Combination of latest Wired & Wireless technologies
  • De centralized system.
  • Manual Backup System.

End to End Solution

Lighting & System Design

Electrical Drawings

Appearance Design

Procurement of Lights

Supervision of Conduit Work

Wiring & Installation

Programming & Training

What our Clients are Saying


Priya Smith

"They were very responsive to my requests where additional system was needed. Nice to have that peace of mind.

Elkraft Customer

Gaurav Sharma

"My home feels much more secure with alarms installed. Motion detectors are well placed and doors and windows are also secured. The system works great."

Elkraft Customer

Garvit Singla

"They go above and beyond expectation to fulfil your needs. They truly do assist you in making your experience enjoyable."

Elkraft Customer

Contact Us

(+91) 86990 09303

B – 30/786 SK Golden Towers Main Focal Point Road Ludhiana – 141010 (Punjab)

Plot No. 318, Industrial Area Phase 9 Mohali -160062 (Near Chandigarh)